Terms & Conditions

Welcome to AtinAtin. Thank you for dropping by, we hope you find it useful.

AtinAtin is more than just a website, we're a community and we strive to make this a welcoming and friendly space for all. We don't want to overcomplicate things and burden you with rules and regulations but to keep things in order a few guidelines have to be set.

By accessing, interacting and using the information and materials provided in our site and services, you agree to these terms and conditions.

User Information

User information refers to data that helps us identify an account. This information is used for log in and posting of listings. Users can also post listing anonymously and only provide minimal contact information.

All user information are kept for application uses only. AtinAtin will retain and protect the user’s personal information as long as they are an active user and subscriber of our services and products.

Listing Content

Listings and related content are created and provided by users or other third-party sources. AtinAtin's listings and search results are indexed by our algorithms. We do not edit, modify or restrict listings but we expect users to be responsible in what they post. By listing content on our site, you confirm that you have the right and permission to post and upload all the given content and materials.

Should there be any abusive or harmful content, users can report this using our application or by contacting us directly. AtinAtin reserves the right to remove or disable listings and accounts that violate our rules and harm the community.

Content Usage

Publicly available information submitted or posted on AtinAtin can be displayed or promoted on our materials such as newsletters, emails, or other marketing related activities.

You may not scrape, crawl or use other unauthorised automated means to access AtinAtin and the information or code therein. In addition, you may not manually extract information and code from our site without our express agreement and permission.

The terms and conditions may be updated from time to time.

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